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All About The Dress : 2017 Wedding Dress Style Trends

Every year as spring blooms into action we are enthralled by the beautiful gowns on display at Bridal Fashion Week and Spring 2016 was no disappointment with its predictions for what is install for 2017. From show to show some clear bridal trends emerged and here I’ve put together a compilation of international and some favourite local designers who showcased these trends the best in my opinion.

1. Birds of a Feather

This wonderful emerging trend is taking us back to opulance and extravagance. Definitely an option for the extroverted bride as showcased by Ashi Studios but it can be toned down to a more subtle decorative detail as seen in the Pronovias Atelier 2017 Collection.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-001Dresses by Ashi Studio {Images Sourced}
StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-002Dresses by Pronovios {Images Sourced}

2. A Caped Affair

A Cape always seem to add a bit of drama and movement to an ensemble and its no surprise this trend is becoming quite popular with brides. Varying in length this can be a great alternative to a veil for your bridal lookbook.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-003Dress by Inbal Dror {Images Sourced}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-004 Left Dress by Marchesa | Right Dress by Pronovios {Images Sourced}

3. Cropping it Short

With 90’s favourites abound in the fashion industry its no surprise that the crop top has emerged as a favourite trend in the 2017 Bridal Look Book. Showing  a little bit of mid riff is not a taboo and adds a playful, easy going style to your wedding day.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-005Dress by Zahavit Tshuba {Images Sourced} StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-006Left Dress by Unknown | Right Dress by Zahavit Tshuba {Images Sourced}

4. Floral Fantasy

Flower Appliques have been favourites for wedding dress designers for many years but for the coming wedding season we see an abundance in size and placement of the gowns. No longer only a must have on the bodice of the gown; but being placed all over, this trends creates a romantic & whimsical style.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-007Dress by Kobus Dippenaar Atelier {Images Samantha Clifton} StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-008Dress by Marchesa {Images Sourced} StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-009 Dress by Kobus Dippenaar Atelier {Images Samantha Clifton}

5. The Modern Conservatives

This is one of my favourite trends from what was showcased at the 2017 Spring Collections. High necked wedding gowns that embodies elegance and a classic silhouette but still has an allure with designers using sheer fabrics and provocative placements of flower appliques.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-011 Dresses by Pronovios {Images Sourced}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-012 Dresses by Ester Haute Couture {Images Sourced}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-014Dress by Inbal Dror {Images Sourced}

6. Off The Shoulder Classic 

A classic since the 1940s this style embodies the allure & mystique of the feminine & romantic bride who wants a timelessly elegant style.

A woman’s shoulders are the front lines of her mystique, and her neck, if she’s alive, has all the mystery of a border town. A no-man’s land in that battle between the mind and the body.

– John Milton , The Devil’s Advocate –

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-015Dress by Anna Georgina {Images Samantha Clifton} StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-016 left &  middle dress by Marchesa | Right Dress by Ashi Studio { Images Sourced} Dress by Pronovios {Images Sourced}

7. The Princess Illusion 

All I can say is I blame Disney movies and a Queen named Elsa; but I love me a good fairytale so I absolutely love LOVE love this trend. Still providing a bride with the option of a sexy silhouette while combining a fuller skirt fit for a princess. This is romance, drama and whimsy all roled into one.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-018 Dresses by Zuhair Murad {Images Sourced}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-019Dresses by Pronovios {Images Sourced}

8. Taking The Plunge

Showing some skin this coming wedding season is completely on trend.  With daringly low cut backs and necklines designers are bringing provocative silhouettes to the bridal fashion world.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-020 Dress by Anna Georgina {Images Samantha Clifton}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-021 Dress by Anna Georgina {Images Samantha Clifton}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-022 Dresses by Janita Toerien {Images Claire Thomson}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-024 Dresses by Zahavit Tshuba {Images Sourced}

9. Belt it Out

Belts have been the missing link in my opinion between every day bridal fashion and  Haute Couture. In the past a belted wedding gown consisted of a delicate ribbon but now designers are stepping it up by accessorizing gowns with modern detailed floral and metallic belts. The bigger and more intricate the better.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-025 Dress by Anna Georgina {Images Samantha Clifton}

kevn05-iLeft Dress by Unknown  {Images Sourced} | Right Dress by Julie Wedding Dresses {Images Sourced}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-029 Dresses by Elie Saab {Images Sourced}

10 . The Sheer Happiness

Barely there evening gowns have been around for many years but its refreshing to see it transcend into the bridal fashion world with artfully placed detailing covering the essentials and the sheer fabrics capturing our imaginations. This style trend is sexy , confident and fearless for the modern bride.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-030 Dresses by Anna Georgina {Images Samantha Clifton}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-031 Dresses by Pronovios {Images Sourced}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-032 Left & Middle Dress by Inbal Dror {Images Sourced} | Right Dress by Zuhair Murad {Images Sourced}

11. Tiers of Joy

Tiered skirts are everywhere.  No matter what your dress shape might be, there is definitely a way to incorporate this trend in your style. From the soft organza & tulle skirts to the more constructed tiers seen at Ashi Studio & Carolina Harrera the options are boundless.

StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-033 Left Dress by Jenny Lee  {Images Sourced} | Right Dress by Marchesa {Images Sourced}
StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-034 Left Dress by Carolina Harerra  {Images Sourced} | Right Dress by Houghton {Images Sourced}StyleTrends-DressTrends2017-035 Dresses by Naeem Khan {Images Sourced}

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