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Starry Nights : Blue & Gold Wedding Inspiration


Blue & Gold Wedding Inspiration Styled Shoot  inspired by the impressionist painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh . This shoot is specifically for the brides who choose not to wear the traditional white wedding dress; but who rather choose to go with a colour more suited to their personality. Both our Bride models are wearing dresses specifically designed for the shoot. The dark blue dress represents the midnight blue of the sky with a sprinkle of light and the gold dress represents the light itself, translucent & glowing.

SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-002 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-003 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-004 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-005 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-006 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-008 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-009

“Maybe life is all about twirling under one of those midnight skies,
cutting a swathe through the breeze and gently closing your eyes.”
Sanober Khan

SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-010 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-011 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-012

We started off by keeping to a yellow, gold & blue colour scheme as the main focus of the shoot and then started playing around ways to incorporate the glow and reflections on the water so beautifully captured in Van Gogh’s painting.  The glowing fairy light curtain installed by Baie Goeters was the perfect backdrop for the glittering midnight blue table & beautifully arranged table setup.  I tried to capture not only the décor details but also the play in light; as it is such an intricate part of this bridal inspiration.  The artfully designed stationary that incorporated the swirls the painting is known for, just brought the whole concept together for the table setup.

SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-013 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-014 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-015 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-016 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-017 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-018 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-019 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-020 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-021 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-022 SamanthaClifton-StarryNights-BridalStyle-StyledShoot-023

 As Featured In My Wedding Day Magazine


Who Made It Happen

Dresses Navy & Gold – Alana van Heerden

Model : Calista da Luz

Gold Dress – Rene H

Model : Flavia Sassoli

Male Model : Calvin Petersen

Calvin Suit: Moi Styling

Hair & Make Up : Adri Hugo 

Coordinators: Blank Canvas Event Design

Photographers Assistant Angelique Smith

Furniture & Lighting : Goeters

Decor & Flowers: Kadou

Stationary: Secret Diary Creative Concepts & Designs

Venue: Two Birds at The Dairy Shed

Vases & Candles: To-Nett’s

Navy Sequence Tablecloth: Tablecloth Hire Co

Chair: Grand Room Design

Cake  & Macarons :  M Patissiere