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Blue Crush Style

instagirl : Blue Crush Style

Free spirited and adventurous. The girl who seeks the calm, the solitude and peace of a deserted stretch of beach as the waves lap at the shoreline.  She has her own style that cannot be defined or put into a box because she just prefers to be in the moment as the gentle breeze plays with her hair and carries her dreams out to sea. She has Blue Crush Style.

Aniet is one such a girl. Effortless in style and grace she embodies a care free nature that has a stillness to it that is mesmerizing and I wanted to capture this essence in her portrait session while going about doing what she likes most.

Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-001 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-002 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-003 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-004 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-007Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-017 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-018 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-005 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-008 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-009 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-010 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-011

It’s not the waves you catch, How hard or how strong.

It’s the wind in your hair, The ocean’s song.  

~ Sasha Walker ~

Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-019 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-012 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-013 Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-015Instagirl-BlueCrush-Aniet-020


Hair & Make Up : Skoonlief


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