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Regal Whimsy : Anna Georgina 2016 Collection

A love for Couture fashion and fashion photography is one of the reasons I stepped into the world of photography but this love grew even more the day I first saw a Kobus Dippenaar wedding dress on one of my editorial shoots. The attention to details and exquisite designs had me head over heels and I absolutely loved trying to incorporate these stunning pieces in my creative projects. When Kobus asked me to capture his Anna Georgina 2016 Collection I was ecstatic; a definite dream come true and even more so when I was able to incorporate a very dramatic style I don’t usually get to use in my own portfolio.

The regal & whimsical feel to this collection is mesmerizing and majestic in its beauty. The delicate floral applique detailing and the clean simple silhouettes offer a range of styles perfect for any bride who wants to create that Wow! factor and have a dress fit for a queen on her wedding day.

RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-001 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-002 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-003 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-004 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-005 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-006 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-007

Here is a description from the brand themselves about this collection :

” The 2016 Anna Georgina collection continues the love affair with glamour, with its sweeping skirts, fitted waists and regal air.

This collection is versatile, offering a range of choices for the bride-to-be. While floral appliques, silk petals and sparkling crystal pieces form the thread that draws the collection together, each gown is an individual masterpiece and a complete delight. There are all the classic silhouettes, from soft bias-cut dresses in satin to ball gowns in raw silk and mermaids in lace. Some skirts are layered triumphs of subtle twinkles beneath tulle, others are remarkably sophisticated in the absence of detail and the emphasis on a bias-cut line. ….. Staple colours are ivory, blush and nude. ”

RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-008 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-009 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-010 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-011 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-012 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-013 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-014

Royalty is completely different than celebrity. Royalty has a magic all its own. – Philip Treacy

RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-015 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-016 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-017 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-018 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-019 RegalWhimsy-AnnaGeorgina-BridalFashion-020



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