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The Perfect Pastel Pair : Rose Quartz & Serenity

I knew Adri & Danie was a perfect pair but to see them together in the his & hers; Rose Quartz & Serenity pantone colours of 2016, was a sure sign these two were absolutely made for each other. The wedding day was filled with emotion, elegant outdoor details and I was blessed with the most romantic light during their couple session.

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-002 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-005

From the first moment I met Adri & Danie I knew they embrace life to the fullest and I tried to capture their fun loving nature during their couple session. Perfectly matched in their Rose Quartz & Serenity outfits and with a soft hazy glow in the air I could capture dreamy pictures that truly captured the bond between them.

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-010 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-011 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-012 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-013 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-016Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-018 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-021

They made a perfect pastel pair in their Rose Quartz & Serenity colours as they walked hand in hand down the road leading up to the venue.

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-019 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-020

Adri absolutely loves being an individual and doing the totally unexpected. She definitely did not want the normal white wedding dress. Adri’s bridal style is  unique and this can be seen in her custom made dress. She wanted the dress to be light and flowy, with a subtle feminine detail while keeping it simplistic in design so that the unusual Rose Quartz colour could shine.

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-024 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-029

Dashing in Serenity Blue; Danie’s suit was the perfect balance to the Romantic Rose Quartz of Adri’s dress and they complemented each other beautifully.


Adri’s aunt made her dress. One special moment that had me wipe away the tears was when Adri went to put on her dress; which was made by her aunt. With tears streaming down her face while she thanked her aunt; it really was  a moment filled with gratitude and the anticipation of walking down the aisle to her husband to be.

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-031 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-032 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-033 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-034

“The moment I saw Adri making her way down the aisle I struggled to keep my emotions in check as she took my breath away. My father even handed me a handkerchief as he could see I was struggling. ” – Danie, Groom

“Having wedding coordinators in charge of our styling I had no idea what to expect of the final product. I was blown away – it looked absolutely incredible. It was everything we wanted for our special day and beyond. Making my way to the aisle emotions started building up as I saw all our guests and the moment I lay my eyes on Danie I zoned in on him, our eyes locked and tears started rolling down my cheeks as I realised that this amazing person standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me would soon be my husband.” – Adri, Bride

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-035 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-036 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-037 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-038 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-039 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-040 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-041

Guests could enjoy a feast of canapés set against a beautifully coordinated,  elegant outdoors area that had plenty of chill corners to enjoy while the couple was busy with their photos.

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-050 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-051 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-052 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-053 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-054 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-056

Choosing to use classic elements like white florals and subtle hints of delft blue reflects Adri & Danie’s laid back elegant style. A romantic atmosphere was created with the soft glow of candles on the tables and a beautiful lighting installation done by Goeters . The elegant setup contrasted beautifully with the rustic textures of the venue.

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-042 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-043 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-045 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-058 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-059

A romantic moment during the Groom’s speech , when Adri got up to give him a kiss is just another one of my favourite’s of the day. It shows the couple’s affection towards each other and they are not afraid to show how much the mean to each other.

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-063 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-064 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-065 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-066 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-068 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-069

The couple’s favourite baked cheese cake decorated with some juicy seasonal fruits was a delicious addition to their day and proudly stole the show when it landed soundly on the floor  directly after the cutting of the cake. Luckily guests were treated to individual mini cheesecakes for dessert so they still got to enjoy the yumminess it exuded.

STPhotography-DairyShedWedding-Adri&Danie-Durbanville-1015 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-077 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-078 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-079 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-080

Behind The Scenes

Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-081 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-082 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-083 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-086 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-087 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-088 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-089 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-090 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-092 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-093 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-094 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-095 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-096 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-098 Perfect-RealWedding-A&D-Durbanville-099


Venue : The Dairy Shed, Contermanskloof Farm

Wedding Decor Setup & Styling by : Two Birds at The Dairy Shed

Golden Cutlery Hire : Two Bird at The Dairy Shed

Additional Hiring : Goeters

Flowers by Liezl Kotze Floral Art

Bridal Prep Venue: Meerendal

Groom Prep Venue: Alba Guest Farm

Hair & Make Up by Minke Du Plessis

Dress by : Christa Ekermas { Bride’s Aunt }

Catering : Malita Joubert Catering

Staff : Celeste Styled Events

A big thank you to my Second Shooter Angelique Smith for always being such a wonderful friend and support system and the best com padre to share these experiences with .


  • Magdel Muller

    June 9, 2016

    Stunning wedding!

  • Renate Gutzmann

    June 13, 2016

    These photos are so stunning! Your so talented Sam! <3


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