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Blooming Beaches : Glamorous & Romantic Bridal Inspiration

Inspiration for this shoot was drawn from a few different places to create a feminine, romantic and glamorous bridal look for a beach wedding. I connected with Sylvia from Yes! Exclusive Events, Wilna Allpass, Judith Atelier & Alana Van Heerden to put this look book together.


The feather bodice of the showstopping Judith Atelier dress was perfect for that windswept wedding feel. This just added to that romantic, dreamy atmosphere we wanted to create.  The gold coral cuff I made by using an old gold cuff I had and gluing a gold sprayed coral branch to it.

samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-003 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-005

For the make up look Wilna used a soft bridal look with a subtle smokey eye which is enhanced by pigment eye shadow; as it gives more variety in shades of colour with a elegant touch of glitter as the light catches it. This all together with a strong pink lip created a glamorous look for our model Listelle.

samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-009samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-008 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-013

Alana’s beautiful soft rose pink diamante detailed bodice is complimented the flower & décor setup beautifully.  The diamante head band was a gift Wilna received from a bride all the way from the UK and went perfectly with the bodice on Alana’s dress.

Here is what Sylvia had to say about her breathtaking floral design with the arch :

“Simplicity, naturalness and a glimpse of glamor. I had something in mind, a very natural arch – almost pure.  Combined with beautiful classy flowers in light pink, some spots of peach, a little bit of purple and a pure gold decoration on the rustic beach table on the dune.

The rustic table was decorated with golden plates, golden candles andgold painted shells as well as with other matching golden accessories.  As a special colour touch for this table décor I put a pure pink rose on each plate.

 I have so much enjoyed the natural beauty that we have created, working with these gorgeous flowers and creating something from simple, natural materials to create such a glamorous effect.

samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-010 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-011 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-012 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-020 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-021 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-025 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-026samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-018 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-019

The Fascinator was a real sea star & coral combined with some fresh roses from Sylvia’s stock; all glue gunned onto a plain headband.

samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-017 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-015 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-016 samanthaclifton-bloomingbeach-weddinginspiration-014

Who Made It Happen :

Floral Design & Decor : Yes ! Exclusive Wedding & Events

Crystal Bodice Dress : Alana Van Heerden Wedding Gowns

Nude Lace Bodice Dress :  Alana Van Heerden Wedding Gowns

Feather Bodice Dress : Judith Atelier

Hair & Make Up : Wilna Allpass

Model : Listelle Visser


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