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Iphoneography Bridal Editorial | Cape Town Streets Look Book

We are always connected via our smartphones. This is the reality of our lives.  Therefore the best camera to have is most definitely your phone, because it is always with you, but even though you might be snapping away in your everyday life it is still important to implement the basic rules of photography to achieve success with iphoneography.

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Being a wedding photographer by trade I get the usual “ Your camera takes nice pictures “ comments from wedding guests and as I’m sure you have seen enough memes to demonstrate how much that frustrates a professional photographer; I don’t need to elaborate. However it did spark an idea. With the rise of Instagram as a marketing tool and this misconception of it being the camera and not the person behind it that creates a beautiful picture; I set a challenge for myself to use my photography knowledge when shooting with my IPhone 6s Plus for our Cape Town Bridal Editorial.

IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-005IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-006 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-007 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-008 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-009IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-010IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-011 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-012

Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gismos.

Photography is about photographers.

A camera didn’t make a great picture any more

than a typewriter wrote a great novel.

Peter Adams

IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-013 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-014 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-015

Due to the nature of the shoot I also chose to use bad lighting conditions { mid-day } and no reflectors or light shaping tools were used to help me control the light. It was all down to placing and posing my model to achieve the best lighting composition. Some editing apps were used to enhance colour and exposure but were directly uploaded onto Instagram as the shoot progressed, so it didn’t leave me with much time to make drastic chances.  You can see the shoot on my Instagram feed @samanthacliftonphoto as posted on the day.

IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-016 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-017 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-018 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-019 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-020 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-021 IphoneographyEditorial-CapeTownStreets-Bridal LookBook-022

Now to just get that one bride who is adventurous enough to let me shoot her whole wedding on my iphone as my next project…most of the guests do it in anyway ?



Hair & Make Up – Marnel Toerien

Dresses by Janita Toerien

Model – Crisna Coetzee

Thank you Angelique Smith for all the help on the day




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