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Champagne Wishes : An Elegant Affair

A wedding day is suppose to be filled with  “Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams ” and for every girl, a day to shine in her own unique way, when she says her vows with the man she loves. Elizna sparkled in her custom champagne coloured silk wedding dress and Hollywood Glamour Style. Beautiful pearl accessories added the finishing touches to this old hollywood glam look.

In the words of Coco Chanel ” A women needs ropes and ropes of pearls”

STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-003 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-004

The fascinator veil was a perfect fit for the classic elegance of Elizna’s bridal style to showcase the beautiful lace detail of her gown.

STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-005 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-006 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-007 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-008

“The feeling of friendship is like that of being comfortably filled with roast beef. The feeling of love, is like being enlivened with champagne.”

STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-010 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-011 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-012 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-001

” Just received my package and I am in awe. BEAUTIFUL! I can’t believe this is MY wedding album…I couldn’t have asked for better and thank you so much for the extra little present. It completely took me by surprise and made my day-we are definitely going to enjoy this while looking through our wedding photos I can’t thank you enough “

From the Bride

STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-013 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-014 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-015 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-016 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-017 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-018 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-019 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-020

Such a greatly anticipated moment after being in love for 8 years and it was a with deep emotion that they said their ” I Do’s”.  Surrounded by the people they loved they celebrated the day with flare and some breathtaking moments. Their families welcomed us with open arms and made us truly feel part of the celebration which only made it more special to capture these emotional moments so closely.

STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-021 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-022 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-023 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-024 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-025 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-026 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-027 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-028 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-029 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-030 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-031 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-032 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-033 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-034 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-035 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-036 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-037 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-038 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-039 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-040 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-041 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-042 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-043 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-044

Love is in the Details

STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-045 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-046 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-047

Behind The Scenes

STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-048 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-049 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-050 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-051 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-052 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-053 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-054 STPhotography-L&T-ChampagneWishes-055

A special thank you to Helette du Toit for referring the Elizna & Stevie to me, and a very very big thank you to Angelique Smith for being my extra set of hands and eyes on a wedding day.



Venue: Backsberg Estate Cellars

Make Up By :Inside Out Image Consulting 

Hair By Christel from Hairsay Salon

Bridal Prep Venue :  Santé Hotel & Spa

Dress by Sulet Gericke

Catering: Xtreem Kwizeen

Planning & Decor : Lee Ann from Backsberg Events

Stationary : Lezanne Design’s

Cake :  Rozanne’s Cakes

Photobooth : Perfect Photoz

Pastor Des Krull

Mc Alan Hughes

Entertainment : Amoré Rudman


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