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Real Love : Indian Summer Day

A perfect Indian Summer’s day is always a great surprise when Autumn starts cooling us down and we aren’t a 100% ready to let go of the warmth of summertime. We were blessed with one such day for Mishka & Donovan’s Couple Session out at Theewaterskloof Dam. Beautiful Mishka, a TV presenter for Pasella, is used to being in front of the camera but I was surprised to hear that this was her & Donovan’s first couple session. Needless to say Donovan was a natural too even though he didn’t think so and we spent a wonderful afternoon exploring the shore of the Theewaterskloof Dam.

STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-002 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-008 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-017 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-018

” So I say that the eyes are a window, beauty is found within the soul, and upon the hills of Autumn, that are strewn with red and gold. ” – Julie L. O’Connor

STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-019 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-025 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-026

Mishka ‘s beautiful accessories was sponsored by Tessa Designs  

STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-037 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-041 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-046

The style of the shoot had a very All American ambience. Think brands like Tommy Hillfiger, Ralph Lauren for this type of look. Elements to incorporate for this look book include chunky sweaters,tribal weave patterns and colours like red, blue, grey,black and even white.

STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-049 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-054 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-059

Walking a road together through sickness & health , some ups and some downs; the love they share is one for the ages and I know they will still be walking side by side for years to come.

STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-063 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-066 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-067 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-072 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-073 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-080 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-085 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-088 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-090 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-092 STPhotography-Mishka&Donovan-IndianSummer-100

Jewellery : Tessa Designs
Make Up : MUD South Africa supplied by Allume Studio


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