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Love Cape Town : Surf, Sails & Style

Falling in Love with Cape Town with its stylish people, amazing beaches and unique flora happens fast and most people don’t ever want to leave. It is no wonder it has been voted one of the most beautiful places in the world and if you are a true Cape Tonian then its no surprise that you want to incorporate as much of this into your special day as possible.  

I met former boutique owner Lise as a fellow vendor in the wedding industry. With our shared love for style and fashion we collaborated on many creative projects before Lise asked me to  capture her & Tiaan’s wedding. For more than a year we anticipated this big day and Lise included me during the planning process with regular updates regarding style and colour palettes. It was a very emotional day to finally see it all come together so beautifully with Lise’s attention to detail & style shining through.

LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-002 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-014

The dress was a soft dove grey custom design with shimmering floral appliques and a beautiful soft tulle skirt. An elegant silhouette for the bride who values style and comfort on her wedding day.

LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-013 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-003 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-007 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-008 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-010

“The ocean is like our love. There is no beginning and no end. Timeless and ageless an eternity in its depth ”

– Sea of Love, Bill Turner

LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-017 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-015 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-016LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-0012 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-018 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-019 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-020 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-021 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-022 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-023

Love is in the Details

Being a retail buyer and former boutique owner Lise has an amazing sense of style and attention to the smaller details that complete an overall look. A perfect colour palette of soft neutrals and touches of metallics was perfect for their wedding day.

LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-025LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-024 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-026 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-027 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-028LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-036 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-037 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-038

With mist rolling in from the sea and the most beautiful scenery to work with it was an absolute dream scene as Lise & Tiaan said I do. Tears were a plenty and not only from the bride but the bridal party and guests joined in as they were married  in between the boulders of Clifton Beach on a typical Cape Town day with 4 Seasons in one ♥

LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-039 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-040 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-041 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-042 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-044LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-043 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-045 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-046 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-047 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-048 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-049 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-050

Guests were hosted in style at the Royal Cape Yacht Club; in a magical reception with glittering lights from the close by V&A Waterfront, setting the scene for the night. This romantic ambiance was carried over beautifully into the hall, with the artfully placed fairy light curtain reflected in the glass fronted entrance; making  you feel surrounded by a thousand stars.

LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-051 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-052 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-053 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-054 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-055 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-056 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-057 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-058 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-059 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-060 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-061 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-062 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-063 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-064 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-065 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-066 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-067 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-068 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-069 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-070

Behind The Scenes

STPhotography- Lise&Tiaan-RealWedding-LoveCapeTown-003 STPhotography- Lise&Tiaan-RealWedding-LoveCapeTown-117LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-029 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-030 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-031 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-032 LoveCapeTown-RealWedding-L&T-CapeTown-035

Who Made It Happen:

Bridal Portrait Venue : Cape Standard 

Ceremony : Clifton Beach

Reception Venue : Royal Cape Yacht Club

Bride & Bridal Party Hair & Make Up : Marnel Toerien

Lighting Setup : Goeters

Flowers by Lise’s Aunt Erica

Second Photographer : Angelique Smith



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