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We all want fairy tales in the end

I have always loved Disney movies and the power fairy tales have to spark the imagination. The wish for children to be a princess or royalty has been playing on my mind a lot lately as I went about planning my own fairy tale moment, for my recent wedding. Where does this  desire come from ? Is it a bombardment from the media ? An ideal created by society to aspire to that is unreachable unless you are Kate Middleton ?

Then I read a quote from Freddie Mercury explaining why he named his band Queen. In this he talks about how Queen is a concept of being regal and majestic and how we all want to be glamorous and dandy. This might sound a bit superficial but I think he was on the right track. I believe it is deeper then just to be glamorous, our need to relate to royalty or dream of becoming royalty when young is more based in the need to be our best selves.  At a young age of make believe and fairy tales royalty / princesses are the only role models we can aspire to, but as we grow older we start following the examples of more real life heroes like Maya Angelou,  Audrey Hepburn or a friend who survived cancer. This is were we can start living our lives to be our best selves in a more holistic way.

MarieAntoinette- BridalEditorial-BelAir-004

This however does not silent the inner child and we still sometimes have this adoring need to be a princess. So for this month’s feature I am focusing on being your best self and showcase some of my most regal shoots to date. To remind myself and you; that it is OK to dream big and aspire to more. La Reine Blanche my Marie Antoinette Styled Bridal Shoot does exactly that with over the top avant garde bridal styles that can inspire you to be daring when styling yourself for your wedding. And because every girl deserves to feel like princess on her wedding day with the right dress; I invite you to look at the Anna Georgina 2016 Collection shoot which is all about regal whimsy and that inner goddess stepping out on the wedding day.

One such a lucky lady is Real Bride Lisa who married her Prince Nick in a Charming Winelands Wedding and who I have nicknamed the Princess Bride in my studio because it was such a magical day, with a white horse and even Disney Princess bridesmaids dresses.LadyinRed-Margriet-PortraitSitting-002

From fairy tales to women who inspire me and strive to live their best lives everyday; even though it might not always be easy. Have a look at my first A La Mode Portrait Sitting with one of my dearest friends Margriet, The Lady in Red. I know how easy it is to put yourself on the back burner and forget how it feels to have a moment that is yours alone in its entirety. Remind yourself you are worth it to have that moment and spoil yourself once in a while with feeling absolutely gorgeous.

What better way to do that; then to indulge in the article about the Bridal Shoe Trends for 2017. I completely and utterly blame Cinderella for my shoe obsession and hope you can indulge in this showcase; packed with some designer fabulousness. It is sure to make any shoe lover wish they can have all of them at once.

Carrying on with the Queenly themed month keep an eye out for a great new Instagirl Portrait Sitting featuring The Dark Beauty coming your way soon. Click on the link to see the exclusive First Look from this Lana Del Rey inspired shoot which will remind you that being you is exactly what you need to be doing at this moment in time.

I hope you have a fabulous month in June and may all your happily ever afters come to pass as you strive to be the best and wonderful unique you.

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