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La Dolce Vita : Glam Struck Love

The gorgeously glamourous couple session for Kim & Stefan was initially set to have a Jessica Rabbit look book due to Kim’s beautiful red locks but it soon took a life of its own in developing into a La Dolce Vita inspired session with the venue and styling, we had in mind, playing a big role in setting the scene.

SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-019 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-021 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-022 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-025 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-024SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-023 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-017 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-018

The La Dolce Vita’s story is about a gossip magazine journalist who gets suck into the glamorous life of the stars as he searches for love and happiness. To capture this ambiance the images became a collection of posed and un-posed frames in which you almost at times feel like a paparazzi spying on a movie star couple in between takes of filming. Lights , Camera , Action…..

SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-010 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-027 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-026 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-011 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-012 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-030 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-001 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-002 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-003 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-004 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-006 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-007 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-009

I wanted to give Kim & Stefan a collection of dramatic images and started planning the shoot around a certain type of location but I wanted the outside shots to also include the same feeling and Soverby Guest House in Stellenbosch was perfect for creating the La Dolve Vita feeling without having to travel to Italy 😉

SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-013 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-014
The Styling Look Book consisted of opulence in fabrics and the use of shades of red as an accent colour to compliment Kim’s colouring. These beautiful dresses from Eveningwear X-change Dresshire was perfect for this style and I must say the black velvet halter dress was very daring but really brought a wow ! factor to the look book .

SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-029 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-028 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-031

Kerry from Fringe Hair and Makeup Studio focused n accentuating Kim’s eyes with a dramatic winged liner and and smokey eye and off course those beautiful ginger locks were beautifully curled in the style of the era.

SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-015 SamanthaClifton-LaDolceVita-Kim&Stefan-016

Kim & Stefan was so much fun during the session and it was an absolute pleasure to have been able to capture these memories with them before Kim departs to the good life of an Emirates Air Hostess today. It will  be a great adventure and I hope these images of your love makes it just a little bit easier when you miss home ♥


Soverby Guest House
Eveningwear X-change Dresshire
Kerry Hanna from Fringe Hair and Makeup Studio
Styling & Concept by Samantha Clifton

Accessories from Lovisa




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