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Cape Town Love : Celebration In the City

Cape Town is such a beautiful and diverse city; you can feel as if you traveled the world just by turning the corner and seeing all the architectural influences around you. It is no surprise that so many movies get filmed on these streets. That is exactly why for Renate & Jan’s epic love story we decided to give it that RomCom feel by taking to the streets of our beautiful city.


SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-001 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-002 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-003 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-004

“Some people are settling down, some people are settling, and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.” 

~Carrie Bradshaw ~ Sex in The City 

SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-005 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-006 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-007 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-008 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-009 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-010SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-011

Their story starts at the very young age of 15; a small town boy & girl falling in love on the sandy beaches of Plettenberg Bay. Now 10 years later they are still as much in love as when they met. Like any real love story; there are sometime hurdles a couple has to overcome but it only strengthens their love.

Love makes the world go around. For many of us, we spend most of our adult life looking for that one person who makes us realise fairy tales might be a bit over exaggerated but they still do come true.

SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-012 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-013 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-014 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-016 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-017 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-018 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-019 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-020 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-022 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-023

A big thank you to Marnel Toerien who created a gorgeous soft, smouldering look with Renate‘s make up that went absolutely perfectly with the blush bodycon dress Renate chose for their chic session.

SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-035SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-024 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-025 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-026 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-027 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-028 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-030 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-031 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-032 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-033 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-037 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-038 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-039 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-042 SamanthaClifton-CelebrationCity-RealLove-046

“And we were dressed from head to toe in love, the style that never goes out of fashion.” ~Sex And The City Movie~



  • Cayleigh

    July 6, 2016

    Holy moly!!

  • Ronel

    July 6, 2016

    Kan nie glo dit is my dogter se werk.Trots op jou! Jy wys jou persoonlikheid deur die awesome werk wat jy doen.Moet ook se my sexy dogter en Jan julle mag maar!!

  • Sharon

    July 7, 2016

    I am so proud of my nieces!! They both have grown into beautiful women and become such awe inspiring adults!! I love and adore you both and again am so proud of you both xx


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