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Radiant Reminiscence : A love for Vintage

Snuggled up and staying warm leaves time for the mind to wander as I go into administrative mode in the winter months. These winter blues are making me reminisce over years gone by . At first I thought it was the fact that I was working through 5 years of shoots to decide which will be posted on the new website but I looked outward and realised there is a radiant reminiscence around us in the world at the moment.

In the entertainment industry we are finding a lot of movie & series remakes. In fashion we have a complete flashback to my tweens with 90’s fashion staples making big comebacks as seen in our Style Trends article; That 90’s Show. Make Up, hairstyles and jewelry are all looking back to capture the essence of a bygone style.

I have always been a fan of vintage and in the spirit of reminiscence we have a look at some wonderful vintage inspired shoots on the blog. From a beautiful antique hairpiece worn by the bride’s grandmother on her own wedding day, as seen in real wedding of Lexi & Marc : The Only Exception to the elegant vintage inspired style of bride Elizna as seen on her wedding day in Champagne Wishes . As seen in cover pic of this post. 

Like scenes from a old Hollywood movie we take a step back into a more glamorous time with the  style inspiration behind the La Dolce Vita couple session for Kim & Stefan. A style and bygone ambiance I’ve been wanting to capture for a very long time and it all came together in so exceptionally with this great couple in front of my lens.


In my love for vintage music, movies and art I discovered I have a strong love for Post-Impressionist art and in particular Van Gogh’s work.

My favourite painting by him is The Starry Night. Maybe my creative heart is being silly but I feel a dream like nostalgia when looking up at the night sky and it inspired a Bridal Style shoot recently feature in My Wedding Day Magazine called Starry Nights. A Blue & Gold Wedding Inspiration Shoot done with some fantastic wedding suppliers.SamanthaClifton-MadeWithLove-Louise & Alwyn-008

Still to come this month is the full post of Louise & Alwyn’s romantic storybook wedding as seen in First Looks : Made with Love . Being an avid reader and fan of the greats like Jane Austen and EE Cummings; I immediately wanted to curl up with a novel after capturing this beautiful winter wedding for these two literary academics. It’s a true romantic’s dream.

There is beauty in nostalgia; a dream like quality that makes it seems like nothing could have been better then those days gone by. We tend to see those times through rose coloured glasses and it warms us to keep those memories close to our hearts. I think in a way our minds have evolved to help us to move on and not to linger on failures and past heart aches, but to grow from what we have experienced and to continue to keep making more memories we will fondly look back on in a few years times.

This nostalgic mood did bring a quote to mind for me about the past : {see below}


Our pasts influences us and makes us who we are today and as long as you keep true to yourself; the happy & the sad is what got you where you needed to be. Everybody has a bumpy road but it is how you overcome those bumps that will ultimately determine where the road took you. Did you side step them and veer of into a different direction or did you preservere to get to your final destination you’ve had your eye on for so long?

As I leave you with a thought to remember the past fondly but not to get stuck in it or to make it distract from your goals in life; I wish you all to stay warm and reminisce & dream on as the winter is in full swing here in Cape Town.

Be Fabulous & Flawsome



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