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Bride Provocateur : Elegant Bridal Boudoir

This Styled Session was inspired by the more adventurous brides who plans to gift her groom with a little something more than just their wedding photos.

In the words of Sophia Loren ; ‘Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.’ For a lot of women their wedding day is they day they feel this the most. A bridal boudoir shoot done tastefully and elegantly can capture that feeling for a little bit longer than just on your wedding day. A session just focused on you;  no rushing or stress from the day creeping in . A relaxed pamper experience capturing your confidence stylishly just before the big day.

I chose to style this session a bit more demure than your average boudoir shoot because I wanted to show that there are different levels of exposing yourself; than what we usually see when we think of a Boudoir shoot.

SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-001 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-004 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-006 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-008

Make Up Artist Corlé Barnard beautifully highlighted our model Flavia’s features with a soft glowing complexion and a seductive colour palette for the eyes.

SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-016 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-019 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-021 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-022 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-025 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-009 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-010 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-013

Confidence is the sexiest attribute a woman can have. If you feel good, you’ll look good.

SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-026 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-027 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-033

I chose this scalloped layered body-con dress to inspire the idea of a sexy getting ready outfit for the bride to be without it having to be lingerie. A perfect choice for when the bride’s hair & make up is being done as it does up with a zip at the back and she can easily slip out of it before stepping into her wedding gown.

SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-034 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-037 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-038 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-043 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-044 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-045 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-048 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-051 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-052 SamanthaCliftonPhotography-BrideProvocateur-BridalBoudoir-055


Who Made it Happen

Styling by Samantha Clifton

Hair & Make Up  – Corlé Barnard

Model – Flavia Sassoli

Wedding Dress & Veil –  Eveningwear Xchange & Dress Hire 



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