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Real LOVE:Wintry Waves

Wintry Waves crashing on the shore nearby and gloomy skies sets the mood for this engagement session. I spent a lovely misty Sunday afternoon with a couple very much in love and about to start their life together as husband & wife.

The gloomy sky made it difficult to differentiate between water & horizon but none of this matters as Monique & Hans look in to each other’s eyes. There is a mutual respect and graciousness in how the treat each other that tells a story of endurance & true love.

I guided Monique with styling advice for their session but she has such a great sense of style; she made it her own and came up with 3 wonderful look books for herself & Hans and each perfect for their personalities.

samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-015 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-016 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-017 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-018 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-019 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-020 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-021 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-022 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-023

Marnel Toerien did a beautiful smudge eye for Monique’s make up. Using tones of nudes and a dark liner she highlighted Monique’s natural beauty while adding just the right amount of drama to suit this Boho Glam look. Moniques’ hair was beautifully curled and draped over one shoulder to finish off the look.

samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-024 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-025 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-026 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-028

While the Wintry Waves crashed against the shore line and the wind chilled you to the bone; two people walk along the shoreline of Strand beach holding hands as they make their way to the concrete jetty jutting out into the grey waters.


samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-003 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-004 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-006 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-007 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-009 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-010 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-012 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-005

An ocean tumbles through dreams of you.
In depths unknown, I float above.
~Rhonda Johnson-Saunders~

samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-013 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-014

After the formal look book, Monique & Hans chose to change in to a more relaxed beach outfits. Monique chose a flowing chiffon skirt and nude lace crop top for a playful look book to match Hans’ comfortable jeans. The chiffon skirt was perfect in creating playful movements as they frolicked on the cold beach.

samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-029 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-030 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-031 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-032 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-034 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-033 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-044 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-043 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-042 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-041 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-040 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-039 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-038 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-035 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-037 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-036

Take my hand and lead the way,
Pour out all your deeper thoughts,
Let your soft voice whisper swiftly into my ear,
All these lovely things I want to hear.
~Mashudu Nemukula ~

samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-045 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-046

For their last look book I took some creative liberty and did a moving portrait session. An exciting new product I want to offer to clients because its such a special thing to capture these moments; not only with still photos but also a little keepsake to remember the finer nuances.

samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-047 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-048 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-050 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-051 samanthaclifton-reallove-winterywaves-052

Who Made it Happen: 

Styling Advice -Samantha Clifton

Hair & Make Up – Marnel Toerien



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