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Make Up Mavins: Bewitching Bridal

Investing in a professional make up artist for your special day is the best investment; next to choosing a great photographer of course. Cecilia Fourie Academy focuses on producing professional make up & hairstylists who have the right skill set to make any bride’s special day even more glamorous. Here is a look at some of their talented student’s final exams.

SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulentAcademy-001 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulent_0003SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulent_0006 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulent_0011 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulent_0014 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulentAcademy-005 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulent_0017 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulent_0021 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulent_0022 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulent_0027 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulent_0030 SamanthaClifton-MakeUpMavins-BeOpulentAcademy-003

Who Made It Happen

Bridal Styling by Ronelda Rhode


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