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Origami Blossoms : Artistic Bridal Fashion Series

The first chapter in a Artistic Bridal Fashion project styled; conceptualised between myself and Adri Hugo that will be gracing your screens every few months.

This look book focuses on the art of origami. Inspired by the colours & essence of some aspects of Japanese culture the idea came to life in this very modern & on trend look book.

samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-002 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-005

According to ‘s definition it is :

1. The art or process, originating in Japan, of folding paper into shapes representing flowers and birds,for example.
2. A decorative object made by folding paper
For our look book the extremely artistic and talented Hermien Greeff from Plank Create made free standing giant Origami Flowers as well as a wall draping covered in these beautiful art pieces.
samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-012 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-009
Being the genius that she is, Adri Hugo focused on recreating the folding effect of the origami flowers on Candice’s hair. As seen above in this intricate rose bridal hair design. For the make up she took inspiration from the traditional Japanese Geisha style make up. By whitening the skin and using a soft pink lip to mimic the cherry blossoms Japan is so famous for.
Jacques La Grange’s dresses compliments the minimalistic bridal look book we wanted to create. Modern and elegant pieces for the bride who is not scared to move away from the traditional styles.
The blossom lace two piece is perfect for the 2017 Modern Spring bride as tea length  skirts and crop tops are seen at bridal fashion weeks globally at the moment.
samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-022 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-025 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-027 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-028 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-029
With the two sisters so similiar in looks we wanted to create a mirror effect and Adri did exactly the same make up look on Chloe. For the hair she still recreate the art of origami folding but the pattern is more random then the one seen on Candice.

samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-033 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-034samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-039 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-042

The Japanese say , if the flower is to be beautiful, it must be cultivated
~ Lester Cole~

samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-043 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-044 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-045 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-047 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-048 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-049 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-051 samanthaclifton-origamiblossoms-artisticbridalseries-052

Who Made It Happen

Studio : Something Different

Origami Flower & Installation – PLANK Create

Hair & Make Up Adri Hugo

Dresses Jacques La Grange

Models : Candi from Full Circle Model Management & Chloe


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