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Spring Maternity

Spring Maternity Session : Blushing Beauties

Beautiful Izandi chose to celebrate her second pregnancy with a Spring Maternity session. The gorgeous soft floral style was perfect for this heirloom session. Little soon-to-be big sis Mika, was clearly just excited as mom & dad for the little brother who was on his way.

Being a mother is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can have. I like to focus on the beauty & strength, that it takes to be a mother. There is an underlying graceful strength in motherhood that sometimes gets overlooked; one of the most unappreciated jobs but definitely one of the most fulfilling. My aim is to create modern heirlooms for you to treasure as your children grow up.

samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0001 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0002 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0003 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0004 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0005 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0006 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0007 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0008 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0009 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0010 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0011 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0012

The soft glow of light embraced them as they stood in a field of dreams. The combination of soft pinks and golden hour light was perfect to create the dreamy effect seen in these photos.
samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0013 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0015samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0014

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” – Maya Angelou

samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0017 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0019 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0020 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0021 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0022 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0023 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0024 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0025

“Having kids—the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings—is the biggest job anyone can embark on.” – Maria Shriver

samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0026 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0027 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0028 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0029 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0030 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0031 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0032 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0033 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0034 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0036 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0037 samanthaclifton_madonna_blushingbeauties_0038

Who Made It Happen

Hair & Make Up by Skoonlief

Flower Crowns by Romeo Foxtrot Designs


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