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The Prima Ballerina : Ballet Bridal Style Part 1

I can’t take credit for the conceptualisation and styling of this beautifully romantic Ballet Bridal Style Inspiration; so I will let the mastermind behind this session, Jeanette from Paramithi: Flowers & Decor Design, tell you herself how it all came about:

“If I had to live my life all over again, I would love to become a Ballerina. There is nothing that comes close to the elegance, soulful freedom of expression that movement of dance – The ballerina, of course, is the most romanticized type of dancer in the world and there is hardly a little girl out there that has never dreamed of becoming that embodiment of grace and beauty. Here is some romantic, wedding inspiration for the dancer that lives inside all of us!”

samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_041 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_039 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_037 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_002 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_003 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_005 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_011 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_012 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_014 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_013

Attention to detail with the soft colours, the tulle, the ribbon and the elegance and strength embodied by the dancers themselves. Many brides to be will remember ballet lessons as a child but even more will relate to that of the bride who is not just “sweet and girly” but a complex amalgamation of the soft, the hard, the modern and femininity. We loved the notion of the Ballerina Bride and how ballet and all it’s beauty could inspire a Bride planning her wedding.

samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_016 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_019 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_021 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_022 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_024 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_028 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_030 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_032 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_033 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_034

Corle Barnard completed the hair and makeup look with a dainty pink lips, and a sculpted ballerina braided up-do. Our ballerina bride was swathed in luxe fabrics and pastel hues including soft flowy dresses from CJA Couture. T We focused on the softer, more feminine and pretty Ballerina bride look. Our beautiful model Gabby is a real life ballerina; We wanted genuine ballet poses and dancing sequences to achieve something a little different to the usual bridal postures.

samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_049 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_044 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_045

Chocolat Bistro with its European furnishings and stunning courtyard was the perfect location and setting for this shoot. The elegant look of crystal and golds was a perfect match for the soft and stylish spirit of this ballerina bride.

samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0054 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0051 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0052 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0056 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0057

“One step, two steps, three steps; like winds of time experience joy of centuries, when movements become revelations of the dance of destinies.” ― Shah Asad Rizvi



Flowers & Concept by Paramithi: Flowers & Decor Design

Decor Sourcing & Coordination by Mon Amour Events

Soft Pink Tulle Dress by CJA Haute Couture

Rose Gold Sequins Dress by : Evening Wear Xchange & Dress Hire

Hair & Make Up by Corlé Barnard Make-up Artist & Hairstylist

Venue by Chocolat Bistro

Stationary by Pretty in Stains: Weddings


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