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The Prima Ballerina : Ballet Bridal Style Part 2

In Sequence to our Prima Ballerina Part 1 post ; this post is inspired by ballet and the magic it holds for many of us. What better way to capture the attention of the little girl in all of us ? The one who not only dreamt of becoming a ballerina; but also dreamt of her wedding day.

If I could choose something besides fashion , I woudl love to be a ballerina

~ Carine Riotfeld { former editor in chief Vogue- Paris} ~

samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0064 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0066 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0071 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0083

Many brides to be will remember ballet lessons as a child but even more will relate to that of the bride who is not just “sweet and girly” but a complex amalgamation of the soft, the hard, the modern and femininity.

samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0078 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0079 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0081 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0084 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0111 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0116 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0110 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0112 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0114 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0085 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0088

Our beautiful model Gabby is a real life ballerina. We wanted genuine ballet poses and dancing sequences to achieve something a little different to the usual bridal postures.

samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0117 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0091 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0094 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0104 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0099 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0098 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0100 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0118 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0119

little girls with dreams, become women with vision

samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0126 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0128 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0129 samanthaclifton_balletbride_weddinginspiration_0132


Flowers & Concept by Paramithi: Flowers & Decor Design

Decor Sourcing & Coordination by Mon Amour Events

Cream Wedding Dress by CJA Haute Couture

Rose Gold Sequins Dress by : Evening Wear Xchange & Dress Hire

Hair & Make Up by Corlé Barnard Make-up Artist & Hairstylist

Venue by Chocolat Bistro

Stationary by Pretty in Stains: Weddings


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