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Urban Chic : Soirée La Floraison

We wanted to inspire the modern urban chic bride that loves to play with rich and playful dark colours. This is for brides that are not scared of trying something different instead of the normal soft and romantic look. Featured in the Summer 2016 Edition of Wedding Inspirations Magazine this was a vision that came to live with a great team.  Here are some of my favourites from the shoot.


samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0015 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0013 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0012 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0011 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0010 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0009 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0008 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0007 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0006

I remember the nights we spent under city lights

samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0004 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0005

The dresses were supplied by young French Born designer Leé Ferrei. We chose to use her designs because we felt it embodied the understated elegance Urban brides usually look for. The designs were clean-cut & minimalistic; while still maintaining femininity without being too soft and were perfect for this theme.

The first dress that caught my attention was the one with the peplum frill; as it is very current with what celebrities are showcasing on the red carpet at the moment and definitely a dress for the trendsetter bride.

samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0016 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0017 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0018 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0019 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0020 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0021 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0022 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0023 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0024

Our concept allowed us to really test the boundaries with lush floral’s cascading over the table, and really making the floral’s the focal point of the whole tablescape.

The key elements would be the table setting, and the suspended arch. We wanted to ensure that everything was suited together by emphasizing on the rich colours transcending with the overall shoot. The gorgeous rich tones of reds and gold’s allowed us to create a floral masterpiece where we included romantic chandeliers above the table décor and a gorgeous floral band covering the centre chandelier.


samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0026 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0027 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0028 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0029

The table décor was a combination of floral and marsala red linen, in order to really bring in a variation between the various place settings.

samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0031 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0032

Our gorgeous stationery was custom designed for this shoot, and added a subtle touch to every component for the table décor to really bring everything together. The glassware was a range of amber and red glassware combined with cut crystal, my personal favourite just to add in another dimension to the table.

samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0030 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0033 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0035 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0037 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0036 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0038 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0034 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0039 samanthaclifton_urbanchic-weddinginspiration0040

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Who Made It Happen:

Venue: De Meye Wines
Coordination & Planning | Jessica from Mon Amour Events
Flower Designs | Jeanette from Paramithi: Flowers and Decor Design
Wedding Dresses | Leé Ferrei
Hair & Make Up | Thegirldale
Models | Vicky Lawrence & Evan Hengst
Chandelier Lighting | N Concepts and Designs
Stationary | The Organics Range by White Kite Studio
Chairs & Napkins |
Cake | Miss Muffet’s
Linen | The Tablecloth Hiring Company
Glassware & Cutlery | Exclusive Hire & Events
Underplates & Candlesticks | Function Hiring 4u




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