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Frolicking Forest Fairies : Woodlands Bridal Style

When you grow up near woodlands there always seems to be a little magic in the air; of sunlight dancing through the leaves,the humming of beetles and singing of birds in the background. Growing up near the Knysna forest some of my weekends were spent exploring the woodlands on a friend’s farm and it always made me love stories of Forest Fairies and Wood Nymphs.

Inspired by these childhood memories; I traveled back to my home town early last year. In collaboration with some local talent we brought to life a Bridal Look Book inspired by these childhood daydreams.

Cover image edited by Grethe Rosseaux

samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0001samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0004 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0005

Sylvia from Yes! Exclusive Weddings & Events is responsible for all the amazingly beautiful floral and decor design items you’ll see in this post. That headpiece was love at first sight for me…majestic in every way and fit for a fairy queen sitting on her moss covered throne.

samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0006 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0007 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0008 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0009 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0010

The enthralling designs of these Anna Georgina dresses were a perfect choice to add a regal elegance to our styling for this look book. The detailed floral appliques and attention to detail of how the fabric flows when you move , is what enchants me every time  I see one of their designs. The surprise detail of subtle twinkles beneath tulle skirt is definitely the way to add an graceful sparkle to your wedding day.

samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0011 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0012 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0013 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0014 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0015 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0016 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0020 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0021 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0022 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0023 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0017 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0018 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0019

The artistry of making something beautiful even more beautiful is no small feat. Wilna Allpass as usual delighted the eye by creating two dramatic high impact bridal make up looks for our models to compliment the colours and striking effect we envisioned for this look book.

samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0024 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0025 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0026 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0027 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0028

Location , Location, Location !!! None of this could have come together as beautifully as it did without the hospitality and splendid scenery of Bosky Dell Farm in Plettenberg Bay, my home town.

samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0029 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0030 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0031 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0032 samanthaclifton_frolickingforestfairies_bridalstyle-0033

To see this as featured in the Uk’s top Wedding Magazine Perfect Wedding click Here.


Models : Farren & Nadine from Ace Models Mossel Bay

Hair & Make Up by Wilna Allpass

Dresses by Anna Georgina

Floral Design & Decor by Sylvia from Yes! Exclusive Events

Cake By Lisa Jerling’s Cakes

Venue: The Rose Pavilion at Bosky Dell Farm

A big thank you to my great friend, Angelique Smith, for helping out on the day and roadtripping to our respective home towns of Knysna & Plettenberg Bay .


  • Leslie-Ann Vermeulen

    March 6, 2017

    Hi there,

    I’m interested to know where I can find that wedding dress….the one with sleeves!

    Thank you!


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