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8 Bridal Make Up Looks | Neo Venue

8 Bridal Make Up looks at Neo Venue with the Cecilia Fourie Academy for Hair & Makeup Styling exams.

This time we had 7 beautiful girls in some gorgeous dresses from Alana van Heerden Chanelle Cindy Designs. The Bridal lookbook put together a selection of bridal and formal looks to celebrate individuality and the fact that each woman has her own unique style and that this should be reflected on her wedding day or for a special occasion.  To top it all off we had stunning floral designs by Coral from Epanouir flower studio, combined with gorgeous stationery designs by Pretty in Stains.

Look 1 – Focusing on an elegant chignon upstyle and a dramatic lip colour this look highlights the drama of this beautifully detailed sequins gown by Chanelle Cindy Designs. Perfect for a formal New Years Eve celebration. 

Look 2 – The Red Queen lookbook was inspired by the romantic idea of a princes-style bride who uses the pop of colour to make a statement. Keeping the look simple and elegant with touches of red where possible this look definitely will catch Prince Charming’s eye as you walk down the aisle.

“Red in the head, Silver in the heart”
― Victoria AveyardRed Queen

Look 3-La Buena Vida was inspired by the latest Dolce & Gabanna campaigns and is all about embracing your inner queen and making the most of life through bright colours, fun and laughter while looking absolutely gorgeous.

Look 4 – Boho Chic inspired looks. We did two versions of this look to show that you can either go a bit more boho as in the first look or have a bit more of a classic flair to the boho chic bridal look as in the second dress. 

Look 5- For this look the focus was definitely a soft romantic garden soiree vibe. With soft pinks and classic bridal fabrics like lace and tulle, this elegant summer look is for the romantic at heart who dreams of fairytales and beautifully manicured rose gardens.

Look 6  &  7 – This look focuses on a beautiful glamour look perfect for any formal occasion like a matric farewell, varsity dance or bridesmaids look.

Look 8 – This classic contemporary bridal look is a for the modern bride who wants to look timeless and elegant on her wedding day.  The adaptable dress with an extra tulle skirt from Alana Wedding Gowns is also a perfect choice for this bride to switch her look from day to night. A perfect pairing with the venue at Neo Venue as it focuses on clean lines and simple design.


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