About Me

You, like never before. With an editorial style, a focus on glossy glamour and sophisticated art direction, you can be the girl on the cover. Your inner beauty, the true you, is waiting to break free, waiting for its time in the sun. And we know just how to capture your essence and bring out your head-turning haute couture.

We make the high fashion look accessible for weddings, special occasions, milestones and just because. Because everyone deserves to be fabulous and your time starts now. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, what would yours be? Style, sass, panache and a touch of magic in a moment – Samantha Clifton Photography tells your story.


More About Me

My photography is greatly inspired by the pages of magazines like Vogue & Elle because that is where I fell in love for the first time. Not with the glitz and the glamour but with the enchantment an image can create for the viewer. Through the love for these images I also discovered a love for the fashion, style and artistry that is used to create these breathtaking images and so my journey into photography started.

I always felt like those magazines were an aspiration and not the reality of my life. My photography has made me realise that I can not only create an enchantment from behind the lens but also be as beautiful in front of the lens as any model from the pages of a magazine no matter what my size.

This is what I’m most passionate about. For women of every age and phase of their lives to realise that they can be as beautiful as any magazine cover with the styling a team of professionals and my images create.

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